COVID-19 Cleaning

Our disinfection service can be done for residencies, offices, meeting spaces, educational centres, daycare centres, senior care facilities, retail and entertainment, shared residential facilities (e.g. gyms, function rooms), clinics, dentists and pharmacies, as well as cafeterias and central kitchens.

Our team will assess the environment to be disinfected before selecting the appropriate compounds to be used. As such, the active ingredient used may vary. The disinfection mist is dispersed in fine particles that slowly settle onto surfaces, killing pathogens in seconds – and then left to dry. It is part of our mission to protect public health and our staff are trained to provide disinfecting and sanitizing services offering peace of mind to our customers.

Why Choose Us

• Kills 99.999% Bacteria & Viruses
• Non-toxic & Non-corrosive (Safe to use on all surfaces)
• Rapid process developed specially for offices and houses



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