2 December, 2021
Cleaning 101 : It’s all about the talent


A global pandemic, sometimes a country-wide lockdown but all the time frustration! Well at the end of the day we all know how we feel about being confined to a space. But did you know that when COVID 19 arrived the first thing that was of importance was hygiene? Well, we are here to tell you that hygiene is more or less the same thing as keeping everything clean.

Imagine you go to a restaurant, if the place is not tidy, neat, and clean, clean being the keyword, would you have food from that restaurant? I wouldn’t. This goes to show the importance of cleaning and hygiene both personal and commercial.

Let us give you a small crash course about cleaning. Consider the following scenario, it’s a bright early morning, you suit up for a long day at work. After you arrive at your office you walk into a squeaky clean office room and wonder what might have happened. For cleaning to be effective, the cleaners need to embody some characteristics,

  • Expertise
  • Professionalism
  • An assurance of the quality of the service
  • An assurance of safety


Well, all of these and a lot more can be found in what we would call a perfect cleaning agent. Now imagine a scenario where you can have all that and more! What is this more you ask? Well, what if you wanted the cleaning service in your office in a jiffy? Say no more, with offices of this service located at the heart of our city it is not unusual to operate as an emergency service. Responding to calls and saving the day! What if you’re not available at the same time on the same day every week? Your plan changes? Then you would need an agent that changes with you and operates at your best convenience.

Remember that morning when you wondered what happened to your office? Though it’s a hypothetical scenario, it is very much plausible, do you know why? Because it’s what we do on a daily here at Pearl Cleaning Concepts!

We know that sometimes you wouldn’t have the time to keep everything neat and tidy all the time. Which is why Pearl Cleaning Concepts offers an industry-leading solution for all your cleaning problems, whether it be your residence or your office, we’ve got you covered!

The hypothetical scenario can be real. Our employees boast some of the best experience and professionalism in the industry, coupled with training in quality assurance our workforce is unparalleled in bringing you satisfaction. 

Because we are centrally located at the heart of GTA, we can bring you the service you want, with the service you need on time, all the time. In addition to the above, these will be offered only through our services,

  • Full insurance, bonding, and workers' compensation coverage for your protection.
  • Communication logbooks are available and maintained.
  • Full WHMIS compliance and documentation.
  • On-site supervision of cleaning teams.
  • No-charge consultation at any time.


So in a pinch what we are trying to say here is that Pearl Cleaning Concepts is not just another service provider, it’s that place where you go in when you’re in a pickle and you know that our heroes can get the job done with their most elite weapons, brooms, and mops!

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