29 December, 2021
Back to School: Cleaning to Save lives


Child safety is our number one priority, and the global pandemic has made everyone conscious of it. However, the greatest setback due to Covid 19 is the shutting down of schools; even post lockdown, parents are afraid to send their children to school. What is the solution to this? We need to get the kids back in school!

Children need to be both healthy and educated. How do we ensure children are educated and healthy at the same time? Cleanliness! All schools and educational institutions must adhere to a strict code of hygiene to ensure that all parents send their kids to school. Recent studies say that the Covid 19 virus can remain active on plastic or stainless-steel surfaces for up to 72 hours and up to 24 hours on cardboard. What does this mean? It means that we have to make sure that our surroundings are disinfected and cleaned at all times, especially for the health and safety of our children.

Cleaning to save lives and educate our future is no easy task. Given the many responsibilities of faculty and school administration, maintaining hygiene at every inch and corner of schools can be daunting. The output of this process of cleaning schools must result in a spotless and attractive school that raises the confidence of its staff, faculty, parents, and children. The careful execution of this process will boost happiness and inspire the attendance of everyone. These crucial demands can be easily satisfied by employing experts in cleaning to save lives.

Maintaining hygiene at any institution of education is no piece of cake. This is mainly due to the variations in locations such as classrooms, lecture halls, dining areas, hallways, bathrooms, and gymnasiums within the premises of a school. Therefore schools' require experts who can determine how best to disinfect and clean all locations to meet the highest standard of health and safety. But that's not enough! Unlike other services, cleanliness is a constant requirement that needs continued attention. Schools' could require this service on a daily, weekly, monthly or even off-term basis and needs a team flexible with hours and equipped to meet these demands.

Well, you need not look any further. Partnering with Pearl Cleaning Concepts is the best decision you will make to increase student and faculty attendance at school. Why? Simply because Pearl Cleaning can handle anything. Size, scale, proportion, and location are no obstacle to the staff and administrators at Pearl, whose duty is to make school a place for learning, not infections. While promising a highly effective and comprehensive service, Pearl Cleaning Concepts vouch not to be a financial burden to your organization during these difficult times. Pearl Cleaning Concepts is famous for employing cost-effective cleaning procedures that do not betray the execution of the process while using state-of-the-art technology and appliances in service. 

Schools and Colleges are unlike corporate environments and require special attention; which is why Pearl Cleaning Concepts curates training of its employees in terms of skills and knowledge to best serve the safety of humanity's future. As a part of the company's vision, chemicals in use will not contribute to environmental pollution, which sets the example for future generations to care about the world even when taking care of themselves. The pandemic has no right to refuse children of their social well-being and education. Schools do not need to overcompensate solutions for health and safety when Pearl Cleaning Concepts is determined to clean to save lives.

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